Safety Training

Efficient and consistent safety training is the most essential ingredient for promoting a natural mindfulness of safety within your business.  While scheduling safety training can get expensive and challenging, especially if employees are working in different locations, Elephant Safety Services works to make the process easy and affordable.  Our training professionals can deliver courses at your facility or office and we can also utilize our own permanent training location in Cincinnati, OH.

Having handbooks and manuals onsite just isn't a satisfactory substitute for hands-on experiences and troubleshooting.  Your employees have to know what hazards they are facing and how to avoid them. Our effective, efficient safety training does exactly that.  Also, with workplace safety laws focusing on company management, not just ownership, the stakes to working without training have never been higher!

Don’t become a statistic, contact us to provide the training your employees need to overcome the hazards they face.  Let us help you keep your most valuable asset, your people, mindful and prepared.

Safety Inspections

Conducting your own safety inspections along with record-keeping can be overwhelming and time consuming.  By transferring this task over to us, you can focus on your business and have peace of mind knowing that our inspection process will help you stay in compliance, guide you and your employees in solving safety challenges, and create accountability for your company's safety goals.

Elephant Safety Services works to make scheduling and the inspection experience easy and affordable and we can customize an inspection to fit the needs of your business.  Inspections can be conducted weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Safety inspections shouldn't be stressful or scary.  We always focus on the positives and what your company is doing well first and foremost.  Additionally, we identify safety gaps for potential hazards we observe, offer suggestions on how to implement your safety program, reduce hazards and options on training needed to avoid repeating hazards.

Remember, regular inspections help with prevention.

Our Mission

At Elephant Safety Services, we aspire to create a safer work environment for all people.  We support this goal by making safety education an accessible and affordable experience for large and small businesses alike and with our three pillars of hazard prevention: training, inspections and staffing.

We hope that through the implementation of our products, people will feel, be, lead and work safer.  It is our continuing vision that a culture of safety will not remain solely in the workplace, but will expand naturally into the every day lives of those with whom we collaborate.


Feel, be, lead and work safer with Elephant Safety Services.
Feel, be, lead and work safer with Elephant Safety Services.

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